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Data Protection in the Marketing Department

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Note on the handling of contact data

In addition to a privacy policy, every website also needs an imprint. This contains the contact details of the operator. Every user can thus contact him or her.

The privacy policy of your website must therefore also explain how information is handled that is obtained by contacting a user – for example, the user’s email address.

Record interaction options on websites in the privacy policy of your website

Compared to analogue information possibilities, the internet offers a special advantage: users can exchange and participate with each other.

However, interactions are usually only possible if they register. For this, they have to provide personal data. How this is handled must be explained in the privacy policy.

The same applies if your users can subscribe to comments or the entire website, as they must at least provide an email address for this.

Where must the privacy policy be placed on a website?

The German Telemedia Act (TMG) stipulates that the information on data protection must be visible to the user at all times. This means that the link to your privacy policy must be clickable from every single one of your websites.

In addition, the user must be able to determine instantly where the relevant provisions are located.

The link must therefore be clearly labelled (e.g. with “data protection” or “privacy policy“). It is not permissible, for example, to place the policy in the imprint if this can only be reached via the link “Imprint”.