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Data Protection in the Marketing Department

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Information & Accountability Obligations

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Incidentally, an imprint is also legally required for a Facebook page or any other social media presence of a company. It is also important to name the privacy policy and the person responsible for data protection.

The full imprint does not have to be placed on the social media site, but it should be easily accessible to the user with two clicks.

For example, the imprint can be listed on the website in the footer and be linked to the corresponding social media site via a link, e.g., which is immediately recognisable. By analogy, this is also to be applied to the privacy policy.

So make sure to always include an imprint and the privacy policy on your social media profiles as well.

Furthermore, it is important for companies to consider accountability in the course of their social media activities. The GDPR has laid down a number of rules for this. For example, the record of processing activities and the data protection impact assessment must be comprehensively taken into account.

Social media marketing is effective, but it is also bound by certain data protection regulations. It is best to have the specifications and implementation for your social media activities reviewed by experts so that your social media marketing is legally secure.