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An IT security concept is the fundamental building block of IT security to guarantee comprehensive protection of all data. Companies’ IT security concepts should describe the following measures:

  • For data backup: short-term backup of data, programs and configurations in a way that also guarantees access in the event of a disaster.
  • For archiving: long-term storage of data, also in case of migration of systems and data
  • For virus protection: training of staff and virus scanners
  • For emergency preparedness: e.g. development of possible disaster scenarios
  • For planning countermeasures: This includes a training concept adapted to the specific needs of the company (as well as the implementation of regular training).

Concrete organisational measures are in place to strengthen IT security and prepare for an IT security emergency. An information security management system is used for IT security, which defines and prescribes rules, methods and procedures to ensure the protection of a company’s information, data and IT systems. You should regularly evaluate the measures for their applicability and effect.