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Data Protection in the Marketing Department

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Legal Protection through the Double Opt-In Procedure

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The double opt-in is a variant of the opt-in that promises significantly improved spam protection. With the classic opt-in, it is sufficient to enter the e-mail address in a field and send it. With double opt-in, the actual inclusion in the newsletter/mail system can only take place after the recipient has reacted to an e-mail sent to him. This contains an activation link which the recipient must first click on. Only after the consumer has clicked on the activation link does the actual opt-in and thus the inclusion of the email address in the newsletter distribution list take place.

This system not only acts as spam protection, but also safeguards the advertiser.

By clicking, the recipient gives explicit consent to be included in the newsletter and to receive advertising from the company.

It should be noted that the double opt-in procedure is not a mandatory requirement for legally compliant email marketing. Finally, the recipient can also give his or her express consent to receive future e-mails by other means. For example, it is possible to provide contract forms with corresponding fields and clauses for consent. Even e-mail addresses of sweepstake cards can be used in marketing, provided that the cards are designed to be legally compliant and have been filled out correctly by the recipients.