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Security plays an important role not only in road traffic, but also in the network. IT security refers to IT systems or information and telecommunication systems.

For example, insecure passwords, missing security settings and security programmes make it easy for third parties to get hold of sensitive data. Criminal activities such as data theft, blackmail and the manipulation of payment procedures are constantly increasing on the Internet. Networked digital systems can also pose a further threat if the IT systems are not used responsibly. 

A successful attack results in damage that deletes the user’s data and can be measured by the value of the deleted data to the user.

Protection of IT is core to security in the digital world and goes hand in hand with data protection on the network.

A high level of protection in IT ensures not only the data of the employees, but also the data protection of the company. The protection of all personal data is encompassed by data protection. Data security, on the other hand, protects all data.

The basics for more security in the network include a firewall, secure connection of local networks to the internet, a secure wireless lan, the protection of a computer client, the secure use of e-mail and e-mail protection and virtual private networks (VPN). With the basics, you increase your data security and data protection in the network at the same time. The consequences of a lack of security on the net are unfortunately great financial losses. The worldwide damage is estimated at six trillion dollars in 2021.